The VALO Path - VALO Design Clothing

The VALO Path

VALO's mission Is to elevate human consciousness and to support in global transformation towards new sustainable earth. We believe in Re-Creating t...

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Courage - VALO Design Clothing


What it all comes down to in life is the relationship with Love & Fear

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Warrior's freedom - VALO Design Clothing

Warrior's freedom

“The warrior knows he is free to choose his desires. And the warrior makes these decisions with courage, detachment - and sometimes with a touch of...

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Interview with Mick Pedaja - VALO Design Clothing

Interview with Mick Pedaja

Mick Pedaja interview by VALO Design Clothing. Making Mick Pedaja an VALO ambassador and discussing inspiration, ethics, values and world view.

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Sparking the Fire! - VALO Design Clothing

Sparking the Fire!

Burning man in the desert of Black Rock in Nevada, U.S. is definitely more of a culture, lifestyle and temporary community gathering, than a fest...

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Life Of Wander - VALO Design Clothing

Life Of Wander

To make a decision to wander takes great courage and strength. It is willingly stepping into the unknown and separating yourself from the social n...

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