Sparking the Fire!

Burning man in the desert of Black Rock in Nevada, U.S. is definitely more of a culture, lifestyle and temporary community gathering, than a festival. This anti-capitalist free-expression and radical inclusion culture got its spark in 1986 in the beaches of San Francisco and soon enough found its home in the dusty desert of Black Rock, 110miles north of Reno. For us it has definitely been one of the most eye-opening, life-changing experiences to date. Something like an epic college reunion in another galaxy with a desert wide wonderland for Alices and Peter Pans. The outfits and art, with so much attention to detail, and always aiming to impress, have definitely pushed us to reach beyond our boxes and boundaries....

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VALO's 5 tips for everlasting wardrobe!

Dietary habits are usually the first change in people’s lives towards green values, but responsible consumer makes sustainable and conscious choices in their every day acquisitions. Many consumers want to dress according to their style - hoping that at the same time their choices are ethical and reduce the ecological impact on the environment. With these 5 tips everybody can start to decrease their ecological burden on the globe and make more ethical choices, when it comes to purchasing or maintaining their clothes: 1. You are what you eat - the same goes with your clothes! When you eat naturally and organically you feel better. As simple as that! The same goes with what you wear. Wearing natural and organic...

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