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Article: Sparking the Fire!

Sparking the Fire! - VALO Design Clothing

Sparking the Fire!

Burning man in the desert of Black Rock in Nevada, U.S. is definitely more of a culture, lifestyle and temporary community gathering, than a festival. This anti-capitalist free-expression and radical inclusion culture got its spark in 1986 in the beaches of San Francisco and soon enough found its home in the dusty desert of Black Rock, 110miles north of Reno.

For us it has definitely been one of the most eye-opening, life-changing experiences to date.

Something like an epic college reunion in another galaxy with a desert wide wonderland for Alices and Peter Pans. The outfits and art, with so much attention to detail, and always aiming to impress, have definitely pushed us to reach beyond our boxes and boundaries.

Many of the Burners call the desert their “Home”  (as do we), and it is truly a place for outstanding creativity and togetherness. The 10 principles of Burning Man are well visible during the week in Black Rock City around every corner, and are, in our opinion, some of the empathic core values of healthy humanity:

  • Radical inclusion - everyone is welcome, respect the stranger
  • Gifting - sharing is caring, unconditional gifting is an empowering feeling
  • De-commodification - how would it feel like to be liberated from commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising? Well here you will know!
  • Self-reliance - BYOF and everything else, mama is not there to take care of you (tho some others may be)
  • Radical self-expression - everyone is welcome to share their art, passion and talent
  • Communal effort - collaborative projects are educative, empowering and connective
  • Civic responsibility
  • Leaving no trace
  • Participation
  • Immediacy

The expectation is that everyone attending Black Rock City during the week at the end of August, will adopt these values in all aspects of their behaviour. Well… think about the beauty of that!?

As for most of people who have the chance visit The Playa, it has been an immense source of inspiration to us too, blowing up the perspectives on sharing, gifting, human interaction, creativity, and most of all oneness! So… If there is anything ever to cross off your bucket-list, it is definitely this one!

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