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To Wander Is To Be Alive

Nomads from the North

The finnish lions

We hail from the North with deep connection to Nature. With an essence of the kind hearted warrior we hold the deeply rooted values of equality, unity and care of the lands and waters that gift to us. The Finnish national icon is the lion, which fits the infinitely persevere and elusive nature of the Finns.

The earthiness is strongly represented in the our clothing in natural color tones and designs that pull inspiration from ancient Nordic folklores and cultures.

Discovering our essence

The Warrior of Light

The birth of VALO! As the name came to us naturally as the most natural option for our brand due to its meaning in Finnish (Light), also our identity as light warriors was naturally established. The foundation of inspiring through acts of kindness and high sustainable & ethical morals were set as the cornerstone!

We also wanted to set on a path of using only natural materials and eco fabrics, whenever available. The feeling of organic materials is simply unbeatable on the human skin!

Our global family


Helsinki-Bali-Berlin-Koh Phangan-Tulum-Burning Man...We have many homes. And in these homes many dear friends.

As a small business you rarely have budgets for professional photographers and models. We have grown, expanded and evolved 100% organically and independently. It hasn't been easy but we have been blessed by the support of our dear friends who believe in our message and mission all over the world. They also inspire us to develop our designs and evolve as creators!

More variety to our look

chic & casual

In 2019 we wanted to bring some distinctively new additions to our collection. Functional wear with some unique touches. We also added a number of knit designs to our collections. From more elegant chic styles to nomadic streetwear.

Winds of change

New way of life

The events and shifts in our reality this year have been even shocking at times. We have all had to adjust our priorities, lifestyle and plans. With less festivals in the horizon for the moment we have adjusted our focus to comfort & usability.

Our natural fabrics bamboo, cotton and linen are unbeatable in comfort, and we aim to create multipurpose designs that are perfect for not only festivals but everyday use: active sports, ceremonies, chic nights out, or comfy moments when working or relaxing at home.

We love homework

style in comfort

As many of us are working from home these days, our designs prove their excellent adaptability for many environments. We always try to prioritize comfort of the feeling when wearing our clothes, with high quality natural materials.