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Article: Interview with Mick Pedaja

Interview with Mick Pedaja - VALO Design Clothing

Interview with Mick Pedaja

Introducing Mick Pedaja, our latest VALO Ambassador

Mick Pedaja


Mick Pedaja is one of the brightest musical stars arising from the northern hemisphere. Although he has been in the spotlight for a couple of years now, he radiates humility and kindness. From the first moment we heard Mick perform live at Bling festival in Estonia, a couple of years ago, it was clear that he was on a similar mission as we are with VALO - Using his creativity and talent to spread a positive message from the heart to the world. 


A year ago we were invited to provide clothing for a photoshoot for Telegram magazine, where Mick was featured on the front cover. After that first connection at Bling Festival, we knew we would want to combine our creative interests. We’ve always appreciated music as form of creative art, similar to our intentions with VALO. We shared not only professional views, but a deep personal connection. His music resonates at such a pure and honest frequency rarely heard in mainstream media, that we were inspired to deepen this connection, leading to a friendship and mutual support as creative artists. Mick performed at our Estonian Launch Event this summer and together we felt it was natural that he should become an Estonian ambassador for our brand. 


However, before launching him as an VALO ambassador we wanted to have a small value based interview with him. Not only portraying him as leading Estonian artist, but to discover where his ambitions, values, and inspiration comes from. 



Ambassador interview with Mick Pedaja 


Tell us a little bit about the background and beginnings of your musical journey? 


"Everything started from birth when I came here and entered into this world. We all open our eyes and see this world for the first time. We know a lot, but then we understand that we came here again to learn. What got me into making music? I'm listening. Listening all. My heart, nature, my wife Angie, sounds around me."



"It all begins from pretty little things. Details. Life gives a hand to you and if you're open to see and feel, then we got experiences what teaches us. Sometimes they are good and sometimes bad, but it's important to learn from them."


And what about the message that you want to send out with your music - it’s often very touching... Is there a particular message you want to send out with your lyrics and composition?  


"Sometimes if I make music, I don't know exactly what I want to say to the people. I just write lyrics what are coming from inside and from emotions."



"Some day I recognize the real point of the song. Often the story of a song is walking with you through the life and it says different points at different periods of life. And of course I would like to say for all the people.. Now is the right time and century when we have to look around us."

"Open your eyes!"

"Show your love to yourself and world, but at the time be careful cause everything what's coming is not good.” 


What are your core personal values? 


"It's simple. Live in the present.”


 What makes Mick Pedaja happy? 


"Being together with my wife Angie and family. And good chocolate cake of course :)”


What do you think is your purpose in this world? 


"I don't know it and I don't want to know. I just do what I do. In the past I thinked about it a lot, but learned that it's important to but your energy to the present. Just living and seeing what life gives you." 


How could we make the world a better place? 


"When you show your love to the world, hold that planet like he's your child. Love animals, don't use them as a product and food. Like I said before, everything is going to happen from little things. We all are parts of this amazing world and it's important."


And finally, what's your perception of VALO Design Clothing? ;)   


"I feel a bigger picture of VALO clothing. I remember when I was introduced to your work and at the first sight I saw there's something that I really like. I really appreciate that VALO clothes are easy, beautiful and comfortable.” 



We want to welcome give Mick a warm welcome to our our VALO tribe as an ambassador! Love to have a new Warrior of Light on board!


Check out Mick's VALO ambassador profile here


Here are a few of Mick's perfomances and his latest music video HOME 







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