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Article: VALO's 5 tips for everlasting wardrobe!

VALO's 5 tips for everlasting wardrobe! - VALO Design Clothing

VALO's 5 tips for everlasting wardrobe!

Dietary habits are usually the first change in people’s lives towards green values, but responsible consumer makes sustainable and conscious choices in their every day acquisitions. Many consumers want to dress according to their style - hoping that at the same time their choices are ethical and reduce the ecological impact on the environment.

With these 5 tips everybody can start to decrease their ecological burden on the globe and make more ethical choices, when it comes to purchasing or maintaining their clothes:

1. You are what you eat - the same goes with your clothes!

When you eat naturally and organically you feel better. As simple as that! The same goes with what you wear. Wearing natural and organic fabrics just simply feels better on your skin! They breathe well, they are soft and some have antibacterial qualities. Show who you are with what you wear and who you want to represent!


2. Love what you wear! <3

Good design never gets old! Invest in quality and durable materials for longevity. When you love what you wear you are definitely going to wear it  also months and years to come. Gather your wardrobe from pieces that you love and which go well together. Think where and how you can wear them and how transformable they are. Add accessories to create a different look!

3. Take good care of your clothes

Think whether you really need to wash the garment or would it be enough just to air it outside? It is smart to choose materials that clean themselves too, such as wool and silk. Also bamboo has antibacterial features and doesn’t need a wash so often. And when you need to wash your clothes do it accordingly to the instructions - a large part of the environmental impacts are caused by the damages of laundry. Check the composition tags before washing and consider before you buy items that need to be washed chemically. Think if you could reduce washing temperature to +30 or +40 degrees (Celcius) and wash only when you have a full load to put in. Did you know that there is also ecological and vegan choices for washing your laundry such as washnuts? Well now you do! Washnuts are fruits of  Sapindus mukorossi tree in the Sapindaceae family. The fruit is commonly known as Chinese soapberry or washout and can be used in a washing machine.


4. Support small labels

More often than not, small labels work directly with the producers supporting local manufacturers. Even though you might get your clothes cheaper from big commercial labels, think about where they come from? Find out what your values are and what matters to you the most. Remember, you are always voting ‘yes’ when you put your money into something and it also means that you are accepting and supporting that label and its practices. To know where your clothes come from and how they are made is a step towards conscious consumerism.

5. Remember that less is more

Recycle clothes and modify old pieces to match your style (or take them to a tailor). Do not conserve items that you do not wear - trust us, that will not change in time…Give them to charities! Clean your closet every now and then to maintain order and matching clothes for every situation. The less the better - it is easier to choose an outfit from a few quality pieces than from a wardrobe full of garments. Bring joy to your friends - someone’s trash is another one’s  treasure!


Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going! Enjoy being you! 


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