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Article: Life Of Wander

Life Of Wander - VALO Design Clothing

Life Of Wander

To make a decision to wander takes great courage and strength. It is willingly stepping into the unknown and separating yourself from the social norms and expectations of the society. Wanderer embraces in not knowing what the future brings, but this is the whole point. Giving yourself an opportunity to change, to take a new direction in life - without anyone demanding, expecting or forcing you to follow.

To wander is to journey into your inner self. It is giving yourself a fair chance to find out what your heart desires. It is to live without regret of not knowing. It is making yourself vulnerable to all the outcomes that the journey may bring forth. It is decomposing yourself to bits and pieces, only to be built up again. To be burned to ashes and to be reborn from the ashes.

In 2014 we jumped of the rat wheel and set out to our journeys without knowing the outcome. All we knew was, that world is full of possibilities, you just had to have the courage to take them on. To live outside the nine-to-five society, makes you inevitably question your existence and past decisions. It can be called a liberation of body, mind and soul from the shackles of “commonly” accepted norms.

Whether you call it chance, luck or destiny; we, lifelong friends from Finland, journeyed together to the same beach in Thailand 3 years ago. Only to discover we all shared like minded visions of our destiny. At the time we had no idea we would end up establishing a new clothing brand. It was one of those opportunities that manifested itself in to being during our journey. It’s about meeting the right people at the right time in your life, and having the courage to follow the opportunities that are thrown in your way.

To wander is to embrace life. To wander is to live without regret. To wander is to be alive.

VALO Design is an ongoing journey and manifestation brought to life by 3 best friends who dare to dream and dare to follow their dream. (Edit. Our dearest tribe member Linda, decided to follow her own dream at end of 2016 and take a different path. She still remains a constant inspiration in the story of VALO, and a soul sister to us <3)

Wandering is our business model.

VALO Design

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