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Mick Pedaja



Close your eyes and imagine a warm peaceful soul hugging sound entering through your ears, a calming a mix of emotions filling your mind body and soul…That is what singer/songwriter Mick Pedaja’s music sounds and feels like!

We first got a taste of his rare talent at the very special Bling Festival in Estonia and were simply mesmerized by his music and energy. Mick comes from the small town of Rapla in Estonia, which may be one the reasons why there is such humble natural vibration in his music, which is immediately touches its listeners with warmth and peace. His inspiration comes from nature and people, which you can hear in his organic, floating and cosmic soundscapes.

Mick has gotten countless of praises from the music lovers and critics, and has gotten wider recognition after reaching the finals in the 2016 Eurovision, which in the opinion of many, he should have won. He is a humble creator if his exquisite art, which without a doubt has healing powers. Mick also collaborates with his wife Angie (Angeelia), and the music is nothing short of breathtaking...


Find Mick's music here:




Instagram: @mickpedaja


His music is an inspiration to us, and surely to the rest of the world. Great to have you in our tribe Mick! 


Find the special interview we did with him here