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TAIKA WARRIOR - Hooded Jedi & Shamanic Style Burning Man Cape

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TAIKA WARRIOR - Hooded Jedi & Shamanic Style Burning Man Cape
TAIKA WARRIOR - Hooded Jedi & Shamanic Style Burning Man Cape Sale price€199.00

Customer Reviews

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Josh K

They shouldn't advertise this as 100% bamboo when it's not. But the robe is very high quality!


The cloak is great, although I didn't expect the sparkly shine at the purple edges, but I can live with that. It looks epic anyways.

Delivery was a bit odd - I didn't receive any notification to either my email or phone number, i just noticed that the product's status turned into 'received.' After some tracking, i managed to trace it to my local post office. By the time i got the post office's notification about the parcel, i was already carrying it home - but that's on my local postal service.

Had a few questions to customer service about the product, and they were super kind and helpful, and mind bogglingly quick.

Overall, great product. This was my first purchase on Etsy, so i was quite nervous, but everything turned out fine. I recommend the jedi cloak, it gives some urban wizard vibes, looking forward to performing in it


5 stars review from Leandro

Andrea Lindau

The clothes are great. The service was very accommodating.

Lea Howard

Super comfy! I had never worn bamboo fabric before and I was worried it would be a bit stiff. Couldn't be more wrong, it is one of the softest things I own. I was a bit worried about size cause I was just over the middle mark between the two sizes in shoulder length and the large by my measurements was a bit long. But it got here and was perfect. The denim print is so pretty to. There is one thing for any oblivious people like me. When it said reversible I thought it would be black on the inside with the white and black print mirroring the print from the outside. The inside is entirely the print, no bamboo black. This isn't a problem in my opinion, just not what I had imagined from the photos, so heads up in case any potential buyers have that same misconception.

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