DUNE Cream Beige - Linen Drop Crotch Capri Shorts


DUNE Cream Beige - Linen Drop Crotch Capri Shorts

This is one of our luxury products for nomads who truly appreciate quality and comfort on the next level.

Our DUNE capri shorts are made from 100% high quality linen, making them extremely comfortable on the skin, letting you enjoy the summer breeze through this elegant natural fabric. Natural and airy feel on the skin, our top favourites for the warm seasons.

Dune comes with elastics in the waistband and calfs ensure a comfortable fit to most body types.


ONE SIZE - fits most body types and sizes

- Waist (around): 75-95 cm / 29-37 inches
- Length (waist down): 70 cm / 27 inches
- Crotch (waist down): 49 cm / 19 inches
- Calf (around): 40 cm / 15,5 inches



Wash delicately in cold water (30C) inside out, preferably by hand and hang dry or lay flat to dry. In case not visibly dirty just give it some air for freshness. Will stretch in use a bit but shrink back to fit in wash. The natural linen may shrink in wash so it is recommended to give it a little stretch after wash, before hang drying. 


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