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BALI SPIRIT NINJA Pineapple Batik - Comfortable & stylish cotton print harem pants


BALI SPIRIT Ninja Pineapple Batik - Comfortable & stylish cotton print harem pants

We made this edition of our best seller Ninja harem pants to match the Bali Spirit kimono cardigan collection - also perfect stand alone piece for home, beach, festivals or a night out. Combines well with many tops!


Allows freedom of movement without restrictions. You can wear them long for a warmer feel or pulled up on the shin or below the knee. The fabric is well breathing and soft 100% cotton.


Two Zipper pockets to keep your valuables safe! Inside fabric of the pockets is made from bamboo stretch. 



* Black w/ Yellow Pineapple Cotton Print 



Our ninja pants have an elastic waist band making them extremely comfortable and all sizes will fit most waist size: small, medium and large. Check the correct size according to your height. Unisex product for both men and women.

S/M (for up to 180cm/5´10" tall)  

M/L (for up to 190 cm/6'23" tall)



Wash delicately in cold water (30C) inside out, preferably by hand and hang dry or lay flat to dry. In case not visibly dirty just give it some air for freshness. Will stretch in use a bit but shrink back to fit in wash. Natural fabrics may shrink in wash so it is recommended to give it a little stretch after wash, before hang drying. 

Ps. Every one of us has an inner Ninja, the ability to move eclectically through day and night, expressing and experiencing the power and freedom of the movement!

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