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Torkom JI


Our dear friend and VALO Ambassador Torkom JI is a sound mystic and a meditation guide from Los Angeles.  He has gathered a large acclaim in the recent years for his transcendent and healing 432 Hz sound sessions which have been experienced at various festivals from Burning Man to Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity, BhaktiFest, and more. 

Torkom has created a system that uses a synthesizer, vacuum tubes, and 432 Hz pitch to create deeply nourishing vibrational tones and sounds that have successfully helped thousands overcome anxiety, depression, chemical imbalances, and many other life altering aliments. 

His passion and commitment to this work is truly an expression of deeply held knowing that sound can not only help bring peace and joy to people, but can also transform consciousness alleviate limiting beliefs in individuals. 

Currently his work is being analyzed by universities for it's potential to be used as alternative to drugs. Through a healthy connection to mind, body and spirit: Torkom believes all possibilities can become a reality. 



We are deeply honored to welcome Torkom Ji to our VALO Tribe as an Ambassador!

Tormom Ji has composed a mind altering sound art especially for VALO Design. It's called Spirit Walker. Please sit back and enjoy it here:

Torkom Ji's other futuristic and healing work can be listened to here:



Torkom's exclusieve composition for VALO tribe