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Marcus Meinhardt


Our dear friend Marcus Meinhardt is a German specialty like no other. For close to two decades now, he has been an important part of the crazy and buzzing Berlin nightlife, also as the infamous resident Dj of the Bar25 and Katerholzig, and nowadays Kater Blau, which is - if you ask us - as good as it ever gets!!! Not only is Marcus a talented artist, Katermukke resident and the Heinz-label Boss, but also someone who lives by humble buddhist values that have positivity, care for nature, and respect & well being of others in the heart of everything he does. Heinz Music-crew is a constantly evolving establishment of likeminded international talents, who bring that unique chunky dance energy onto the floors from Europe to the jungles of Thailand - truly high vibes! So people, definitely keep an eye out for these guys... 




Find Marcus here: 


Heinz Music: 


We are proud to have Marcus as an integral member in our VALO tribe, sharing our passions and having the same outlook on life, art and nature - Mutual love and appreciation for each other’s work and talent!