USVA - Women's tribal dress with sleeves



"Through Usva, in the misty midsummer meadows you see a maiden dancing with the warm breeze, capturing the eyes of all around.”

This shirt in its uniqueness will make you float like a fairy when you stroll around the city or dance on the beach. It is extremely light and comfortable 100% Cotton, perfect to wear out on warm summer days. Bali batik pattern in the front is unique and the long back flares seductively when you move.

The shirt comes in two colours with sleeves. The model is ONE SIZE. Depending on your body shape its either loose or tight.

Size chart:

shoulder width: 36 cm / 14 inches
length (back): 112 cm / 44 inches
length (front): 36 cm / 14 inches
bust (around): 92 cm / 36 inches

Care instructions: wash cold inside out, preferably by hand, as the detail fabrics are very delicate and dry hanging or just give it some air for freshness.

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