VALO TEE - V-neck asymmetric cotton bamboo t-shirt


VALO TEE - V-neck asymmetric cotton bamboo t-shirt

A perfect tee shirt is a combination of quality fabric and stylish cut. The colored options VALO TEE is made from 100% natural and extremely soft cotton. You will feel the difference when you put it on. This shirt feels like a second skin!

VALO TEE comes with a large v-neck and it is cut diagonally from the bottom. It comes in 6 different colors and fabric options. 


- Black (Bamboo)
- Light Khaki Brown (TENCEL)
- Baby Blue (Cotton)
- Salmon Pink (Cotton)
- Broken Red (Cotton)
- Lavender (Cotton)
- Green (Cotton)


shoulder width: 41 cm / 16 inches
bust (around): 100 cm / 39,5 inches
length (shoulder down): 73 cm / 28,5 inches
length (sleeves): 17 cm / 6,5 inches

shoulder width: 44 cm / 17,5 inches
bust (around): 104 cm / 41 inches
length (shoulder down): 78 cm / 30,5 inches
length (sleeves): 20 cm / 8 inches

shoulder width: 46 cm / 18 inches
bust (around): 108 cm / 42,5 inches
length (shoulder down): 89 cm / 35 inches
length (sleeves): 22 cm / 8,5 inches

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Care instructions: wash cold inside out, preferably by hand, as the detail fabrics are very delicate and dry hanging or just give it some air for freshness.


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