BAMBOO NINJA - Premium harem pants from stretchy bamboo


VALO BAMBOO NINJA - Premium harem pants from stretchy bamboo

These Ninja harem pants are made of extremely soft, high quality organic bamboo stretch - natural, sustainable and well breathing material. Perfect for ceremonies, yoga, festivals, sports.



Comes in 3 sizes

Our ninja pants have an elastic waist band making them extremely comfortable and all sizes will fit most waist lines. Check the correct size according to your height

* XS/S (for up to 170cm/5'60" tall)

* S/M (for up to 180cm/5´10" tall)

* M/L (for up to 190 cm/6'23" tall)


Complete IAM look: Combine with NOMAD Sleeveless Hooded Tee or I AM VALO Hooded tee


Why is Bamboo such a great fabric:

* Bamboo is the the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet - choosing bamboo you help to save our planet
* One of the fastest growing plants in the natural environment.
* Cleans the air when it grows
* Does not need a lot of Water to grow and actually purifies the soil with it’s root structure
* No pesticides required to make make it grow
* It’s a renewable natural source and 100% BIODEGRADABLE
* Bamboo is one of the softest natural fabrics on the planet - It just feels great on the skin
* Naturally antibacterial - It will keep you odor free and feeling and smelling fresh
* Highly sweat absorbent - keeps you dry
* Insulating - keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter
* Naturally UV resistant .- gives you protection agains the sun
* Hypoallergenic - natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions



Wash delicately in cold water (30C) inside out, preferably by hand and hang dry or lay flat to dry. In case not visibly dirty just give it some air for freshness. Will stretch in use a bit but shrink back to fit in wash. Natural fabrics may shrink in wash so it is recommended to give it a little stretch after wash, before hang drying. 


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CONNECT WITH US - We are grateful to share the ride with our tribe 





Our IAM collection represents the conscious light, inspiration and inner power in each one of us, and intends to spark that higher vibration frequency in us all to connect with our higher selves.

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