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URBAN NINJA Desert Khaki - Slim leg harem drop crotch pants from high quality cotton


URBAN NINJA Desert Khaki -  Slim leg harem drop crotch pants from high quality cotton



Elegant Desert Khaki harem drop crotch trousers from very high quality 100% cotton. Our Ninja model allows freedom of movement with style - a great addition to your Urban outfit and goes perfectly with many different attire options.

The model has elastic waist band to fit all sizes. Choosing the right size depends on your height.


* S/M (for up to 185cm tall/6"05")
* M/L (for 185 cm/6"05" and taller)


Wash cold inside out, preferably by hand, as the detail fabrics are very delicate and dry hanging or just give it some air for freshness.

Outfit TIP:
Combine with our Desert Khaki Kenobi hoodie to complete the outfit!

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eddy Adams

The build quality is great and they have pockets!


Valo did a good job communicating information about the products and I was suprised to find that the pants have pockets, the pants and shirt material feel like a pillow case to me upon first time wearing, it feels durable though. The clothes were wrinkly upon arriving which is expected, I think I will like the appearance more when I get the wrinkles off and once the clothes shrink slightly to fit a little more snugly. The pants stay on and the shirt doesnt lift up when I reach my arms in the air which is great. Another thing about the pants, they feel like they are snug at the ankles, but they are able to move with full flexibility, The shirt fits well, but when I wore the thumb holes over my hand on the sleeves, I fully extended my arms and the sleeve would pull at the shoulder a little, overall: flexible/a little warm, soft


Great! Great! Great! Great! Great!

Andrea Lindau

The clothes are great. The service was very accommodating.

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